Local Vendor Spotlight: Hippie Chic Cosmetics

By Jessica

Hippie Chic Cosmetics is an all-natural skin care and makeup company that has brought more confidence and glam in both men and women throughout the Pacific Northwest. Yes, they have a men’s line of skin care. The Tobacco and Spice Beard Balm smells so manly and amazing that I will find myself sniffing the tester whenever I walk by it! We are so fortunate to have a local vendor that not only makes amazing products but also use only natural ingredients and essential oils. I was so thrilled to get the chance to sit down with founder Jess Bontrager and her daughter and business partner, Kami, as I love and use their makeup and other products. They are both beautiful inside and out.

You can tell how passionate Jess is about her products and her personal story of healing Lyme disease is both profound and inspiring. Jess explained that in her youth she got her Cosmetology license. But she didn’t really get into making her own beauty products until she took health into her own hands while trying to heal her body from the debilitating Lyme disease that she contracted when she was in her teens. “I cleaned up my diet and that helped,” Jess recalls. In 2010, her sister in law, Michelle was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It’s a miracle that she is still alive to this day. All of the cancer treatments she was receiving gave her painful blisters on her hands. No cream or ointment was working. Jess googled how to make salve and experimented creating a simple salve with Lavender essential oil and other nourishing plants. The salve healed Michelle’s hands! Jess was now hooked on making her own products because they work and they have clean and natural ingredients. She started making face creams and lotions. Then she decided to make her own makeup line because of all of the chemicals and parabens found in cosmetics.

In 2013, both Jess and Kami were facing really bad health problems from Lyme disease. They discovered that the Lyme disease passed from mother to daughter. They sought treatment for Kami who was so ill at a specialized clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. Unfortunately they had to close their storefront in Bonner’s Ferry. After getting terrible side effects from the drugs, they decided to return back home. This is when they heard of a Naturopath holistic doctor in Washington who generously paid for their treatment. He had this specialized machine that helps rid the body of toxins with several treatments, the mother/ daughter duo started feeling relief!

Jess explains, “Skin is our largest organ. It is the core of our being and what we put on it goes directly into the blood stream. That is why natural skin care is so much better for us!” Jess and Kami make a dream team. Kami designs all of their labels and is in charge of marketing. Jess does all of the formulation and production. “I couldn’t do this without her,” Jess looks over endearingly at her beautiful daughter. Pilgrim’s Market carries their entire line of natural products. They have a custom made book shelf displayed at Pilgrim’s that was built by Jess’s husband. This talented and blended family works together to make a successful family business. They make bug spray and sunscreen which we are in the season for! For lake hair, the texturizing sea salt mist is a must! For those nights out on the town, they have a ton of fun colors and shimmers. We love their different colors of mascara! Their mineral foundation has great coverage and is the cleanest I have found in the industry. Come and check out their amazing products in our Supplement and Hair and Body Care department!

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