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Since 1999, Pilgrim’s Market has been the Inland Northwest HOT SPOT for the finest natural and organic foods, education, green events and more. As the health-seeking “green” consumer continues to seek and support local food growers and retailers, Pilgrim’s is the perfect example of a homegrown, locally-owned alternative to big corporate chains like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers and Sprouts. Lacking nothing, Pilgrim’s 25,000-square-foot store offers everything from organic produce to gourmet cheese, beer and wine, bulk foods, meat and deli departments, supplements and it even operates a certified organic farm right behind the store!


Located just minutes off I-90, Pilgrim’s Market is a frequent destination for locals and a must see for the health-conscious traveler.


  • After leaving Pilgrim’s primarily to Joe, Sarah pursued her passions in the medical aesthetic industry. Check out her amazing business Sarah Hamilton Face!

  • Sydney Baye, Joe and Sarah’s eldest has been a familiar face around Pilgrims for decades and is an amazing photographer. Check out her amazing business!

  • Michael is Joe and Sarah’s youngest and he is your best realtor for Coeur d’Alene, North Idaho and Spokane and using him probably gets you VIP treatment at Pilgrims! Check him out!

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We have been voted the “Best Natural Food Store in North Idaho” many years in a row by readers of the Pacific Northwest Inlander and the North Idaho Business Journal among others. Over the years we have received many local and national awards for our innovation, our commitment to community, the environment, our staff, our farm and our produce manager has even been nationally recognized for transforming the department into the gem that it is today!

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Today, with the store measuring 25,000 square feet, Joe and Sarah have been joined by many passionate and skilled managers, some of whom have over 40 years in their field! However, your customer experience is the result of our entire team, and we are grateful for every contributing team member in our family. 


Pilgrim’s Market is proud to be an independent and locally-owned business. Many of our customers choose to support local businesses, because they know that their money stays in and grows the local economy. Conversely, they recognize that dollars spent with businesses like Natural Grocers, Sprouts, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s that are headquartered elsewhere can cost Coeur d’Alene jobs. Not only are we a local business, but we also put emphasis on local products and choose to work with other local businesses to meet our business needs.



Since 1999, Pilgrim's Market has been the Inland Northwest HOT SPOT for the finest natural and organic and gourmet foods and over 600 are MADE RIGHT HERE by our talented team and some items are even GROWN RIGHT HERE in our certified organic farm behind the store! Over 20 years later, Pilgrim's remains the perfect example of a homegrown, locally owned alternative to massive, national chains like Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Sprouts or Natural Grocers. Pilgrim's 25,000-square-foot store offers everything from organic produce to gourmet cheese, beer, wine, bulk foods, meat, deli foods, bulk foods, fresh produce, supplements and more. Located just minutes off I-90, Pilgrim's Market is a frequent destination for locals and a must see for the health-conscious traveler.


This symbol means that the item was Made Right Here from scratch by our staff. In fact over 700 items, for sale here in Pilgrim's Market are Made Right Here! Our MRH items account for over 20% of our sales. Shopping at a locally owned store like Pilgrims keeps more money local to strengthen our economy but buying MRH items supports even more local jobs! MRH items create 2 to 3 times more jobs than a national brand that we sell. Buying MRH items ensure greater freshness and has the greatest impact on our local economy. Enjoy!

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This symbol means that the item or some of its ingredients Grown Right Here in our certified organic farm behind the store.
We harvest a variety of greens, radishes, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, watermelons, cucumbers, and more... Then we serve them up fresh in our Produce Department, Salad Bar, and at many local restaurants. We also use farm fresh items like lavender in our MRH Made Right Here soaps and we also use our GRH peppers in many of our MRH Cultured Mama products like sauer krauts, hot sauces, chili pastes and more.



At Pilgrim’s Market, our commitment is to build a business where “everyone wins.” Our staff labors daily to offer our customers the greatest variety of healthful foods and services available, in a manner that provides our customers, our community and our employees with the greatest benefit possible. We insist on win-win-win relationships.
When selecting the foods and products to put on our shelves, we ask ourselves these three questions: 

1. Is it healthier? When consumed does this product provide a greater health-benefit to our customers than a conventional alternative?

2. Is it local? Does purchasing this product make a positive impact on the socio-economic condition of our community?

3. Is it Organic or Natural? Does purchasing this product support a production and supply chain that embraces a greater stewardship for the environment and the workers than a conventional alternative?



Our mission is to:

1) Build a financially sustainable and principled company

2) Serve, empower and delight our health-seeking customers

3) Create a challenging, empowering and rewarding work environment for our team members, leaders and advisors that over time provide opportunities for personal and professional advancement


Pilgrims are people on a journey from one place to another, pursuing a greater experience or desirable destination. Although the connotation is often religious, it doesn’t have to be. It can be both. Throughout history, many different types of people have been called pilgrims and for a variety of reasons.

  • John Bunyan’s classic Pilgrim's Progress (regarded as one of the most significant works in English literature) details the journey of a man pursuing “The Celestial City” through a Biblical, Christian perspective.

  • The early Anglo-Saxon settlers of North America, “The Pilgrims” risked disease and death on their journey across the Atlantic Ocean, seeking a new life free from socio-economic and religious oppression where they could seek to manifest their own destiny.

In our minds, anyone seeking something better than what they currently have is a “pilgrim.” So if your journey through life takes you on a path to more informed, healthful or conscientious living, then you may well be a “Pilgrim”...just like us!



After years of suffering through songs that he hated, Joe decided in 2019 to start making his own playlist for Pilgrim's. It’s extremely eclectic but since it’s now over 2,000 songs deep, it is sure to contain some favorites for just about anyone. Check it out!


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