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Dairy & Chill



Organic and State of Idaho certified raw, local dairy products have been shown to contain about 50% more Omega-3 healthy fatty acids than conventional dairy products. They also contain fewer residual farming toxins and are free of hormone and antibiotic treatments commonly used in conventional dairy farming. We carefully select our milk and dairy products to offer you the healthiest we can find, and we receive weekly deliveries of delicious raw cow A2 milk from two local suppliers, raw goat milk from one local farm, and local raw cow’s yogurt. Are you dairy free? We’ve got something for you too, from the meltiest non-dairy cheeses to coconut yogurts, oat and nut creamers and milks, kefir, and oh so much more.  You can also grab a kefir or yogurt kit and make your own!



Our coolers are chock full of the largest selection of refreshing, tasty, and healthful beverages in the Coeur d’Alene area. You’ll find local and regional kombucha, raw coconut waters, a wide range of tonics and wellness drinks, bottled tea and coffee drinks, stevia-sweetened sodas, elegant mixers and mocktails, still and sparkling water, and a whole lot more ready-to-drink beverages. Order a case and get 15% off regular price! (Some items don’t qualify for a discount.)


Our egg selection boasts everything from local chicken and duck eggs to pasture-raised, free-range, organic, ungraded, graded, and even vegan egg substitutes. “Chill” also includes pickles, krauts, hummus, vegan mayonnaise, and local and regional fresh salsas. Add something extra or discover a flavorful, perhaps healthier item to add to tonight’s meal in our Chill cooler!