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Look for this sticker for items

Made Right Here” throughout the store!


When you shop our Bulk Foods Department, you can buy with the confidence that you’re saving money, buying only what you need, reducing food waste, and cutting down on packaging. While canned soups, snack packs, and bags of flour may seem more convenient, our bulk bins afford you the opportunity to craft your meals from scratch – which is healthier for you – and keep pantry ingredients on hand for whenever you need them.  



Whether you’re trying out a new recipe, looking for specific diet solutions, or wanting to buy locally roasted coffee, Bulk Foods has something just right for you. We have an abundance of Certified Organic ingredients for all your foods, including Organic popcorn, which is difficult to find in packages! We also offer a line of specialty private label items and craft a variety of nut butters in-house. And, before you go, fill a growler with local kombucha from our keg cooler or shop our gluten free baking mixes, flours, and sweeteners that we keep separate from the rest of the bins for your safety and convenience.


In keeping with our belief that food is medicine, we strive to make sure our Bulk Foods are diverse, delicious, and sometimes unique to us. That means there’s always something new and delicious to discover in our bins and jars, like a tea blend to help you relax at night or a smoked salt to spice up your BBQ. We even carry  an array of tea brewing, sprouting jars, fermentation kits, and other accessories to help you on your journey to a full kitchen and healthy table. Discover what bulk foods can do for your pantry!