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Pilgrim’s Meat Department has built relationship with a number of local ranchers and suppliers in the Coeur d’Alene area and the Northwest region to offer you the best meat, seafood and poultry available. If you’re looking for wild seafood, local meats, grass-fed meats, free-range poultry, organic meats and quality vegetarian meat alternatives, you will find a variety of choices at Pilgrim’s Meat & Seafood Department. Taste the difference that our thoughtful and careful selections of quality natural and organic meats can make in creating a delicious and nutritious meal.

Our meat selection ranges from grass-fed beef and organic beef to all-natural yak, buffalo and lamb. Pilgrim’s poultry is carefully chosen for freshness and taste, and includes organic poultry, and free-range chickens.. We buy from several Northwest local pork producers, and we even have local rabbit, as well as vegan and vegetarian meat options.

In addition, Pilgrim’s natural grocers meat butcher crafts house-made sausages and seasoned meat cuts and chicken to make your dinner easy and delicious. Our selection contains no added nitrates, no added hormones, no artificial additives and no added antibiotics.

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"…is there enough CLA in grass-fed products to reduce your risk of cancer? Probably so. It has been estimated that people eating ordinary grain-fed meat and dairy products consume about 1 gram of CLA a day. Judging by animal studies, this is one-third of the amount required to reduce the risk of cancer. Switching to grass-fed animal products would increase your CLA intake three to five times, which could make the all-important difference."

– Jo Robinson,
“Why Grass-fed is Best”


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