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Local Farmer Spotlight: Ronnigers Organics

By Sydney Williams

Last fall, I was lucky enough to visit one of our favorite local farmers, Ronnigers Organics. Located outside of Moyie Springs, Idaho - Also known as the middle of nowhere with negative cell service so don’t get lost! Speaking from personal experience, am I? Yes! That being said… I loved every remote minute of it. Ronnigers is a second generation, husband and wife, operated farm, seeking to bring the greatest quality local and organic foods to our homes. I’m not kidding when I say husband and wife operated either. I witnessed first-hand Simon (husband) chopping cabbage with a machete and tossing it to Marqui (hunny wifey) for her to peel and place in the crop bin. That’s some kind of romance! I’d probably chuck the cabbage back at my husband’s head for a good laugh. Simon and Marqui were really a sight to see. As they work, they stay playful and light hearted all while keeping their kiddos as involved as possible.

Simon and Marqui Ronniger took over the farm from Simon’s late father, David, in 2010. David started the farm in 1986. Interesting fact, it was the first Certified Organic potato farm in the United States and grew over 100 varieties. That calls for a lot of butter... mashed potatoes all the way baby! David became famous for his potatoes, so much so that The New York Times spotlighted him. Their story just keeps getting better, right?

Simon grew up on the potato farm with his dad and has been in the farming business his entire life. When Simon and Marqui took over the operations near 2010, they changed the name to Ronnigers Organics and also changed the focus to Certified Organic Vegetables. They now specialize in root vegetables, small vegetables, fruits, in-season greens and being overall one of the coolest families I think I’ve ever met. You’re thinking, how sweet, a husband and wife farming together. Which to that I say, true. But it gets even cuter. They have two adorable young boys running around the farm too… just like their dad did years before. The farm is their own playground. I saw them racing up and down the 300-foot-long vegetable beds, jumping over cabbage and pulling snacks out of the ground.

“One of the biggest driving forces keeping me in this industry is my boys. I love that they see where food comes from and can come out and watch us plant, harvest and work hard”, said Simon. The couple enjoys spending time with their kids and teaching them about the benefits of eating organic. They also regularly invite families, friends and schools to the farm as well to share the beauty and benefits of organic farming. This allows them to extend their greatest passion of teaching about where food comes from beyond just their own kiddos.

It was a blast watching these two amazing people, and their beautiful children, thrive in this environment. I left feeling passionate about this industry, this job, and the responsibility I have as a parent to share these values with my children as they grow up. Keep being good, doing good and growing good Ronnigers Organics!

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