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Field’s Grassfed Beef is the quintessential choice for meat eaters. This family-owned ranch raises their cattle on over 200 acres of lush grass meadows that are naturally nourished by the John Day River in Prairie City, Oregon. The free-flowing river fills with snow melt from the Strawberry Range and generates a diverse ecosystem that in turn, creates a terroir of grasses and herbs in the meadows upon which the cattle graze.

“The Field men have a strong tradition of sharing their love for cattle and land with the next generations,” says Jeremy Field, third-generation owner of Field’s Grass Fed Beef. Grandpa Harvey Field purchased the ranch in Prairie City where he settled down and raised registered Hereford cattle. Harvey embraced the land and let nature guide his ranching practices. He applied the minimal intervention approach and allowed the cattle to roam freely to graze on nutrient-dense, native grasses. Harvey’s son, Richard took over in 1992 to continue his father’s legacy and add another major component to Field’s Grassfed Beef. Richard studied Piedmontese cattle and learned about their Myostatin gene mutation that causes the animals to have increased muscle mass with less fat and more tender meat. Once again, these western cattlemen let nature provide another facet of wholesome, quality meat. Now Richard’s son, Jeremy stands on the shoulders of his father and grandfather who have passed on their knowledge, values, and passion for cattle and land. Like his ancestors, Jeremy strives to expand the family legacy with his own innovative ideas. Jeremy completed a Master’s Degree in Agriculture from Oregon State University with a thesis in “Finding Sustainability in Grass Finished Beef Industry”. His motto is “Superior Grass Means Superior Beef”.

What about the beef? What sets it apart, besides nature? The beef is produced by crossing the Hereford cows with the Piedmontese bulls to achieve the perfect blend of lean meat that’s flavorful and juicy. Animals are born and raised on the ranch, they are never confined, and never treated with hormones or antibiotics. The cattle are grass-finished which means they consume grass, grass hay, salt, and mineral until harvest. Field’s Grassfed Beef is certified by the American Grassfed Association. The beef is also dry-aged to make the meat even more tender. Juicy Ribeye steak, nutritious beef liver, versatile ground beef, and meaty soup bones are some of Field’s products available at Pilgrim’s Meat Department. For the avant-garde palate, Pilgrims also carries Field’s grassfed heart, tongue, and neck bones. If you are looking for the ideal, anytime snack, you must try Field’s all-natural jerky snacks!

Jeremy proudly stands as the steward of the animals and land at Field’s Ranch. What about Jeremy’s favorites? Jeremy sighed and said, “That’s a tough one but at this time of the year, I love a good soup simmered in bone broth and the jerky snacks are always a favorite, especially when I am on the road making deliveries.” I have to agree with Jeremy, I am fascinated with the various jerky snacks as well!

From sun-kissed pastures to your plate, Field’s Grassfed Beef is a flavorful celebration of quality, dedication, and conscientious ranching practices. In Jeremy‘s words, “What we do here at Field’s Grassfed Beef is continue the legacy that has been passed down for generations. I continue this love with my children as well.” Thank you for shopping local!

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