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Local Vendor Spotlight: Uncle Harry's Natural Products

Updated: May 22

Uncle Harry’s Natural Products will give you plenty to smile about in the New Year! Since 1991, this innovative, family-owned business combines minerals and plant-based ingredients to create quality hygiene products that are both effective and affordable. Add to that, their ongoing commitment to zero waste in manufacturing and construction and you will see why Uncle Harry’s is top-notch. From toothpaste and mouthwash to hair and skin care products, Uncle Harry’s Natural Products are effective alternatives for you and the planet! Necessity became the mother of invention for Harry Terhanian when he was diagnosed with severe periodontal disease at the age of forty-four. The dentist told Harry that he could try to save his teeth or pull them. He then proceeded to lay out a dismal treatment plan that would entail painful procedures and cost thousands of dollars. Harry did not want to lose his teeth and decided he needed to explore other options. Eventually, he met a up with a man who became his mentor and shared ancient remedies from India, one of which was for gums and teeth! Harry excitedly went to work procuring the finest quality ingredients to make the formula. After using the tooth powder regularly and changing his diet, Harry’s teeth and gums began to look and feel better. As Harry says, “It is important to respect the proper pH of the environment of the mouth, which has to be alkaline”. Harry was astonished at the transformation and even his dentist told him to continue what he’s doing because it is working. Harry knew he had to share his tooth powder with the world so he set up shop in his basement to manufacture an all-natural, hand-crafted tooth powder and named the brand, “Uncle Harry’s” because it’s a product you can trust, like family. Harry’s daughter, Subhadra Terhanian, known as Subi, shares, “As a child, I remember going door to door to different health food stores to sell our tooth powder.” Many years have passed since those humble beginnings. Harry is now retired and lives on his nine-acre farm. His daughter, Subi is CEO and carries on the company’s mission, “to make earth-friendly products at people-friendly prices”. Uncle Harry’s currently employs almost thirty people and produces about three hundred products in their 11,000 square foot warehouse located in Redmond, Washington. They also remodeled the facility with sustainability in mind by repurposing construction materials and implementing green building practices throughout the construct. The facility has an array of air-purifying plants inside and around the area to support positivity and cheerfulness along with a gym for the employees to work out and feel healthy. What’s next for Uncle Harry’s? Subi hopes to continue to eliminate plastic dependency and add more organic ingredients and products. Subi’s even created a cardboard pack to replace bubble wrap for shipping glass bottles. “I was wracking my brain for a design and a light bulb went off in my head-literally. What’s glass and has plastic free packaging? Lightbulbs.” What’s Subi’s favorite Uncle Harry’s product? “Ah such a hard question! I'd say it's a tie between Toothpaste (all flavors) and Jojoba Cream. Both are such fantastic, versatile, and absolutely unique products. Toothpaste is so healing and cleansing for the mouth, plus it doubles up as a soothing salve for bug bites, itches, and painful blemishes. Jojoba cream is amazing for my eczema-prone skin and is also my favorite makeup remover of all time.” I have to agree with Subi, it’s impossible to choose just one favorite Uncle Harry’s product! You can find many of Uncle Harry’s products in our Health & Beauty Department at Pilgrim’s and as always, thank you for shopping local!

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