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Local Supplier Spotlight: Pilgrim’s Market Fine Chocolates


By Sydney Williams

Considering the couple who started Pilgrims almost 20 years ago also gave me life, my bias may make me the least eligible person to make such a statement. Okay genetic relation or not, we’re doing some pretty cool things here at Pilgrims. By cool, I mean our bakery has started a gourmet chocolate program. You heard me right. CHOCOLATE! I spent the day with our gourmet chocolatier, Barry, and witnessed firsthand that it takes a lot of patience and hard work. My gosh, is the process intricate?! Luckily, Barry has ever-changing colored hair. We all know people with pink hair can conquer just about anything. We were lucky enough to have Barry join our team here at Pilgrim’s Market.

Previously at the Golden Nugget and the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Barry is no stranger to the kitchen. Now in the beautiful CDA and loving it, he and our bakery team started the gourmet chocolate program, coming up with all sorts of exotic flavors! How did we score such a talented pastry chef? Funny you ask, we asked him that very same question. “Pilgrim’s is one of the only games in town where everything is made from scratch! I remember right after I moved into town and discovered Pilgrim’s, I was so impressed with the freshness and beauty of the products that they were putting out! I quickly became a loyal customer, and as I would shop here, I would always notice that the employees seemed genuinely happy and that they wanted to be there!

When the opportunity arose to become part of the bakery team, I did not hesitate, and it’s been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I’m so lucky to be working here in one of the most positive atmospheres that I have ever encountered and with such an amazing group of people!” As amazing as Barry is, we get it, your sweet tooth is longing to know exactly what chocolates we’re currently making. Barry has chosen the finest Swiss chocolate which many believe the quality to rival that of certified organic in the U.S. Check out the amazing variety listed below. Raspberry - Rich, creamy dark chocolate ganache with a raspberry gelée made with organic raspberries.

Aztec - Bold and spicy dark chocolate ganache with cinnamon and a touch of cayenne pepper to add some heat.

Maple Bacon - Dark chocolate shell with real candied Bacon and a white chocolate maple syrup Ganache!

Salted Caramel - Handcrafted special brown sugar and honey salted caramel to fill these

dark chocolate beauties. Think of them as High Class Rolo’s.

Peach Rosemary - Infused fresh rosemary into the most delicious and creamy milk chocolate ganache. Paired with a Peach Gelée inside of a milk chocolate shell.

Mocha Chocolates- Creamy milk chocolate ganache with a dark rich espresso.

Orange Cardamom - A London inspired flavor.

Huckleberry - White chocolate & huckleberries. Subtle yet complex flavors

Pineapple Basil- Infused fresh organic basil into a creamy white chocolate ganache and

paired it with a pineapple gelée’.

Coconut Lime- Infused Coconut milk into white chocolate and delicately folded in finely

ground coconut to give you a wonderfully.

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