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Local Supplier Spotlight: Radio Brewing Company

By Jessica Freeborn

With all of the stress and weird times that we have been enduring here at the marketplace during COVID-19, I was delighted to be granted the assignment of spotlighting Radio Brewing Co. located in the historical town, Kellogg, Idaho. This sweet little brewpub has a refreshing, vintage, classic vibe, set back in time when life was simpler; beer was good and handcrafted with no frills. As I was taking in all the fine detail around the dining hall decked out with vintage radios, old maps, and repurposed wood, every piece seemed to tell a story and represent the lost golden age of radio.

The flavors and names of these micro beers complement the old-fashioned ambiance I was enjoying as I sampled a flight of beers on tap. Good to know that I can restock at Pilgrim’s Market! We carry several Radio beers bottled, in cans, and on tap (in case you want to fill up your growler). You can taste the love and years of experience that this team of brewmasters ferment into their beers. I have a really sensitive stomach and some commercially made beers do not agree with me. However, while sampling Radio brews, I felt like I was drinking to my health and happiness! No gastro complaints at all.

Beer contains a lot of B vitamins and amino acids, as you know. Owner Ashley explains the passion they put into this microbrew: “We love good beer and everything about it, making it, studying it, and of course drinking it. After years of working in the brewing industry for other companies, the natural progression for us was to open a brewery of our own. Our founding members come from a wide range of backgrounds and locations from around the country but we have the same goal, to make amazing beer and share it with our community.” We commend you for your hard work and will enjoy the fruits of your labor! Owners Ashley and Fred’s initials are ‘AM FM’ and that was the original name they wanted for their brewery. Unfortunately, that was the name of an existing winery in California and so they got creative and came up with Radio Brewing Company; which, just so happens to also represent the old radio tower that once stood in Kellogg.

Ashley explained as I observed an old U.S. map of all the radio towers that once were in operation: During World War II, ammunition metals were being mined and manufactured in Kellogg and the radio tower was built to communicate any potential threats. This little town located in Silver Valley has so many mysteries and historical archives just waiting to be discovered. These handcrafted brews and historical pub, draws in tourists and locals alike as a beacon on Main Street in a really quiet old mining town. It is wonderful news that Pilgrim’s Market supports small micro brews and local vendors as authentic as Radio Brewing Co. It is so important to shop local as this is how our economy can thrive and prosper. What better way to do that than enjoy some delicious, full of hoppy-ness beer! Thank you Radio brews for your wholesome beers and for a great time.

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