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Local Vendor Spotlight: Lyte Balance Electrolytes

Remember to always find your inner balance. Lyte Balance Electrolytes is an affordable and easy way to achieve this! Simply add to a capful to what you are drinking and enjoy. What you taste will indicate how hydrated you are. If it’s salty tasting that means you are satiated. If you don’t taste anything then add another capful. Stay hydrated my friends. This edition of our Local Vendor Spotlight article landed me and my son Jacob at Lyte Balance headquarters in Liberty Lake Washington. We were warmly greeted by founder Tim and Barista of Electrolytes, Kirk. We chatted over espresso about the periodic table of elements, health on a cellular level, kidney function, blood pressure and how this all relates. Jacob entertained himself on their mini trampoline, yoga ball, rowing machine with the occasional head stand and break dance moves. I think they were impressed!

I learned so much talking to Tim and Kirk and I witnessed all of the passion and years of experience they pour into Lyte Balance. Tim explained that it all began in 1979: He stumbled into an esoteric book store and was told to go meet ‘The Wizard of Elk’ who lived on the edge of a mountain. He learned the art of mineral formation from this wizard named John Kitkowski (Founder of Life Balances) and when John passed away, the torch was passed onto Tim. Fast forward to present day, they are still making these super charged minerals that they like to refer to as “The Swiss Army Knife of Electrolytes.” Lyte Balance formulations are pharmaceutical grade minerals that are positively charged. This differs from other trace mineral companies that are chloride salt based, which is basically sea salt water.

Lyte Balance Electrolytes will bring you back into balance with more diversity of the full spectrum of elements rather than minerals that are inherently blobbed together with the chloride molecule. “Be worth your weight in salt and carry your own water.” This Chinese proverb aligns with the health benefits of Lyte Balance electrolytes. Tim explained to me that where you store your water in your body will determine your health state. If your water is not effectively processed by your kidneys, you are at risk for high blood pressure and a whole slew of other adverse health conditions. “Consuming electrolytes is like dealing card to your kidneys,” Tim explained, “You get more players than chloride.” That’s when he walked over to a beautiful artistic rendition of the periodic table of elements.

He showed me how the elements are charged electrically and that they are the staph of life. He went on to explain that when someone has been through emaciation, malnourishment or anyone rebuilding their immune system, you give them “soup over nuts.” Soup is easier to aid the body in absorption of minerals and nutrients rather than dense proteins. It is the electrically charged minerals in these broths that can rehydrate on a cellular level and facilitate healing. I can attest to this on my own personal healing journey when I got deathly sick living in Guatemala and eating contaminated foods.

I remember a medicine mama telling me to eat soup and get my electrolytes in order to heal properly. We all need these ‘elements of life,’ (a.k.a. electrolytes), including the entire family, all ages! We are so fortunate in our community to have a local vendor who makes a high quality electrolyte concentrate with love, passion and integrity.

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